March madness (almost)

I must confess that the highlight of my day at work was not, in fact, the crazy lady that hit my coworker in the face as he was trying very nicely to convince her to leave (not a good highlight, of course, but excitement of a sort), but instead the fact that I helped this guy. I almost wanted to wish him good luck on tuesday but I was sort of enjoying not really looking like a basketball fan but thinking it was cool that I was talking to him nontheless.

it took me forty-nine minutes online last night to buy tickets for the ducks game on tuesday night. I was swearing and complaining and J was telling me it wasn't the end of the world but I really, really, really wanted to go to one game this season, and now I get to, and I am stupid excited about it. thaI food for a coworker's birthday monday, ducks on tuesday, and Y's birthday - with catholic schoolgirl theme and rawk bands - on saturday. the only thing that would make it better would be getting to go to sjubla's birthday as well, but, alas, wrong side of the nation.

on a random note, cheers to owl-x for leaving me a message the instant I sent out an email with my new smellphone number, but not, NOT for sending me a link to playbabble. if you like words and word games, don't go. it is liquid crack, and it has rankings, and I like it. in fact, as soon as I finish typing, provided the boys don't mind if I tie up the phone line, I will be playing it. again.

on a less random but still slightly tardy note, I found myself in a bar on wednesday night that was serving green beer. I don't think i've ever gone to one of those on saint patrick's day, and to be honest, i'd like to avoid it in the future. I don't really like saint patrick's day; I don't really need to celebrate, as my mother put it, the destruction of the older religion of ireland. she phrased it more eloquently. however, I am not irish, and I would prefer the pagans and heretics and druids to have kept their power, and thus, no green beer for me. the night began in a bar called highlands, though as far as I could tell it had nothing even resembling a scottish theme. we watched a stress-inducing ducks game, screamed, clapped, and played pinball when it was over. then off to max's, where I didn't want to be but made a valiant effort until last call. half an hour later, seven people piled into my car for a ride to theirs, and I had the interesting experience of discovering just how strangely a little toyota drives when far too packed with passengers.

it was a good night, despite my aversion to the green beer.

other things. hrm. lots of shows. most of red dawn last night. man of the year, whose cd toby once gave me to review and who once appeared on buffy, played at my most-disliked bar in town last weekend, and I went with the intent to say hello to an old, old friend with whom I fall in and out of touch regularly. I sort of chickened out and then we left before it was over, but I signed the mailing list and thus got a message today with the subject line Molly is that you? and it was surprisingly good to find that the friend was as glad to hear from me as I was to still see him in bands, playing shows, looking like a skinnier version of the same fellow I used to know.

I feel like I am laundry-listing, saying nothing with any weight other than a list of what i've done, but anything feels better than nothing at this point, and apart from work, things are good, which strips anything resembling eloquence from my fingertips. I am trying. I am scribbling, and thinking, and new plans are nearly visible on the horizon, and the boys are determined that they will soon be able to use me as yet another of their employees, and as soon as I find a job that's not in a silly music store, well, I can hardly even think about it.

(still, I miss everyone, and I want visitors, please, now, and the prospect of seeing familiar faces in a few weeks is making me smile already.)