Everything in its right place

so that Talk was unquestionably the easiest Talk i've ever had.

we'd already come to the same conclusions. i'm kind of glad, though, that I was the one that brought it up. the good stuff won't change, the pinball and the hanging out and making ridiculous plans to invade the UO student center with sneaky alcoholic beverages to play their unbroken pinball games and drink, the comic reading and watching angel.

but we're just friends now, he and i.

and everything is clear. he said he thought that as a new girl in town, I maybe needed him to meet people, but he was ok with that. I said I was scared he'd be mad and we wouldn't hang out anymore, and he said no, not at all.

it just all made sense.

so I came home and wrote J a loopy, possibly incoherent message about it. I hope it was a little more clear than I thought it was.

because damn. I like that man.

"I want to prolong this period as much as possible," he said, falling asleep last night, "but I also want you to stay over every night."

yeah, well. I wish I was there.